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 - in english / for beginners

Learn  core shamanism ....

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Shamanic weekend workshop is intensiv shamanic training were we teach basic shamanism step by step. Participants will learn and experience techniques for healing, drum journeying, stronger intuition, problem solving and spiritual awaking.

The workshop is in our home in Bruvik (Osterøy / Norway - near Bergen) surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature.

If you are interested in this workshop you can send us an email and we will put you on a waiting list. We will send you an invitation 

when time and date is set. 

Because of the corona situation in the society there will not be any Shamanic weekend 

workshop in english before autumn 2021.


Max 4 persons

Fee includes :

From friday afternoon to sunday afternoon :

- Tuition

- Accommodation (friday to sunday) 

- Food (vegetarian)

- Pick up at train station (Arna station- close to Bergen)

Fee : 4.000,- NOK (Norwegian kroner)

Reduced fee for couples (300,- NOK pr. person)

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welcome to Bruvik

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